Fungus Of Terror

Black Sash with c&b

Fungus of Terror by Black Sash with c&b (2007)

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Black Sash is

Jack Moore- Synths, Samples, Guitar, Arrengement, Mix Assist

Bump - Samples, Synths, Micromoog, Percussion, Arrengement Assist

Rob Girardi - Guitar, Mix

Mushroom Side

1. Fungus of Terror - Black Sash (2001)

guest musicians :

Jon Theodore - Drums

David Sitek - Fender Rhodes

Eddie Chabot - Bass

David Bergander - Percussion

2.Mushroom PPL - Solar X (2004)

Redigested by Roman Belavkin

Other Side

1.Matango! Tipsy (2002)

Reeaten by Dave Gardner & Tim Digulla

2.Attack of the Mushroom People - Cotton & Billawtm Snakeoiler (2004)

Reheated by Billawtm

Bill Turney - Guitars, Organ, Theremin, Mix

Cotton Casino - Voice

Produced by Black Sash

!El Suprimo! Records.

Defective Records

Original Cover Art by Bobby BeauSoleil

Layout Design by Donny Burlin

Inspired by the 1963 film, Matango! by Inoshiro Honda.

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