cotton&billawtm (2003-2004)

Cotton Casino and Bill Turney met in London UK 2003. Formed the unit as Cotton & Billawtm. Started and played in Japan, US, UK, Australia. Performed on stage and toured with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smith and Nik Turner , and toured or played with Acid Mothers Temple, Yahowa 13, Sonic Boom,AMP,Michael Mooney.


Sweer Sticky Summer Love

  1. C'mon (Parts 7 &8) 2:48

  2. Revolution (in The Head) 5:14

  3. Old As Love 3:32

  4. The Ballad Of Bill & Cotton 7:13

  5. Old As Love (Slight Return) 2:51

  6. Drifting Island (For Satoru) 7:50

  7. Volcano Submarine 10:41

Released by c&b(US) c&b005, CD-r limited 300 copies, June 2004

Live Cigarettes & Beer Series Vol.3 : Bring Me The Head Of Lancaster Merrin

  1. Bring Me The Head Of Lancaster Merrin 56:10

Per Gisle Galaaen - Bass, Tape

Rob Wicked - Other (Video, Medicinal Compounds)

Edd Brooks - Peformer

Photography - Basil Brooks

Recorded by Harry Collison

Monolab - Syn, Theremin, Effects

Billawtm - Vocals, Guitar, Synth Pedal

Cotton Casino - Vocals, Theremin, Syn

released by c&b (JPN) c&b008, 2004

Three Cottonclub Vol.1 - Floating Suite

  1. Floating Suite 48:21

released by c&b (US) c&b007, 2004

Metaphysical Circus UK Tour '04

  1. Under Blanket Of Stars (Northern Lights Medley) by The Birds 29:48

recorded live 10/26/03 at Landmark in Bergen, Norway

Per Gisle Galaaen - Guitar, Tape

Billawtm - Other (Beer & Cigarettes)

Kai Mikalsen - Syn, Effects

Cotton Casino - Theremin, other (Beer & Cigarettes)

  1. Speak To Me (The Sky's Crimson Tears) 14:14

recorded June 2004 at Wormwood South.

Damian Tayler - Bass

Daniel Skevington - Drums

Billawtm - Guitar, Vocals,

Cotton Casino - Syn


Monolab - Syn, Theremin

Billawtm, Per Gisle Galaaen - Vocals, Guitar

Cotton Casino - Vocals, Theremin, Syn

released by c&b(US) c&b006 Limited edition of 200 copies CD-r,2004

Live Cigarettes & Beer Series Vol.2 : Breaking Baltimore

  1. Baltimore 12/7/03 35:22

Limited to 27 hand-numbered copies

Live recording from Baltimore, USA, 12/7/03

released by c&b (JPN) 2003


Fungus Of Terror by Black Sash

Side B/ Track 2

Attack Of the Mushroom People

Cotton & Billawtm SNakeOiler (2004)

Reheated By Billawtm

Bill - guitar, organ, theremin,mix

Cotton Casino - voice

Produced by Black Sash

Original Cover Art by Bobby BeauSoleil

Layout design by Donny Burlin

Inspired by the 1963 film, Matango.

Black Sash is

Jack Moore - Synths, samples, guitar, arrengement. mix assist

Bump - samples, synths, micromoog, percussion, arrengement assist

Rob Gurandi - guitar, mix

released by El Suprimo! Records (US) in 2004.

you will love your music mind / various artists

Track 2 / Our Ladies Love Of Flowers by Godzero

Billawtm - bass, synth pedal

Cotton Casino - synth

Michael Donnelly - Percussion

Steve Moller - guitar

written by Godzero, recorded and mixed by M.Donnelly

produced by the musicyourmindwillloveyou sightsoundcollective at Green Pigeon Sound Labs, 2004

Photographed By I.McIntyre

Graphic Design by M. Donnelly

released by musicyourmindwillloveyou (Australia) 0001, 2004