you already know this

2 1/2 lounge

2 1/2 lounge / you already know this

CD Album $18.00-


Written by Mike Dowd and Neil Seas

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Bill Turney and 2 1/2 lounge at Wormwood Studios in Arlington, VA

Mastered by MIchael Barry at Laughing Buddha Production in New York City

Mike Dowd - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, backup vocals

Neil Seas - lead guitar, backup vocals, synthesizer

Bill Turney - bass

Robin Bonnelly - backup vocals

Mark Monsfield - organs

photography by Amy Leigziger and TIm Angeloni

Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A.

Thanks are shared with the artists of this work, friends, family and anyone who supported and encouraged us throughout the process. However, the greatest thanks go to Bill Turne. His talents, time, and perspective made this album possible.

  1. I Don't Have 6:23

  2. Sleeping Monique 3:40

  3. Waiting For The Time 5:27

  4. Without 4:34

  5. Upon Leaving 4:44

  6. The City 5:36

  7. Something's Wrong 4:45

  8. A Weak Essay 4:43

  9. I 4:20

  10. Reflections 4:54