Mopar Mountain Daredevils

Mopar Mountain Daredevils

Mopar Mountain Daredevils was formed by Bill Turney (Vocals, Guitar) & Cotton Casino (Vocals, Syn) with Jack Moore (Syn), Bob Sweeney (B) and Derrick Hans (Drums) in 2008. Rob Girardi (Guitar and mix) joined in 2010. 

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Mopar Mountain Daredevils Releases

Mopar Mountain Daredevils

Mopar Bloody Mopar

Record / CD Album

1.Mopar Bloody Mopar 03:28

2.Yeti Stomp 05:23

3.Breathe 07:23

4.Tiger’s Pause 09:04

Available on bandcamp>>

Side A - 33 1/3 RPM, Side B - 45 RPM

Produced by Bill Turney and Jack Moore (El Sprimo Records). 

Lyrics by Cotton Casino & Bill Turney.

Music by Bill Turney & MMD.

Recorded and mixed on February 26th-27th, 2009

By Rob Girardi and MMD at Lord Baltimore Recordings, MD

released by El Sprimo Records (LP13, CD13) March 1, 2009


Cotton Casino (Vocals, Syn)

Bill Turney (Vocals, Guitar)

Jack Moore (Syn)

Bob Sweeney (Bass)

Derrick Hans (Drums)

All Cover and Label Design by Paige Shuttleworth

Original Front Cover Photo by Ernest P. Walker

Original Back Cover Illustration by Ernst Haekel


El Suprimo! Records