Cotton Casino 

Bam Balam Records (France) BBLP072

Record Release, 2020

1.La Novia (ft. Makoto Kawabata) 06:38

2.The Dreamer (ft. Higashi Hiroshi) 04:52

3.Takeda (ft. The Teapots) 07:03

4.Sakura (ft. Jyonson Tsu, RG Rough)03:59

5.Silent Blue (ft. Kenichi Imada, Uncle Kid) 03:00

6.China Syndrome (ft. Sinzou Kantsu - Heart Piercing) 04:59

7.In A Darkness (ft. Shinowa) 03:01

8.The Reflection (ft. Mitsuru Tabata) 05:02

Available on bandcamp>>

Cotton Casino - original member of Acid Mothers Temple - collaborated with current members of AMT and those in the AMT family to create this incredibly dreamy and ethereal album. "a cosmic psychedelic ride with entrancing vocals and unique instrumentation..." -, 10/2/20

released January 24, 2020 

La Novia (5:32) Occitan traditional song (English version) By MaCotton 

Makoto Kawabata (AMT): guitars /Cotton: vocals 

Instruments recorded by Makoto Kawabata 

The Dreamer (5:58) By The Paroons Ox 

Hiroshi Higashi (AMT): guitar, synthesizer, blow-organ / Cotton: vocals 

Recorded and mixed by Hiroshi Higashi 

Takeda (7:01) Japanese folk song by The Teapots 

Keizo Suhara: guitar / Rie Kamijo: bass / Ryo Fujita: drums / Cotton: vocals 

Engineered by Ippei Suda at LM Studio (Osaka, JP) 

Sakura (3:58) By Jyonson Tsu and RG Rough 

Jyonson Tsu (AMT): guitars, vocal / RG Rough: electronics, percussion, sound manipulation / Cotton: vocals 

Guitars and vocal recorded by Jyonson Tsu / Mixed by RG Rough 

Silent Blue (2:59) By Kenichi Imada with Uncle Kid 

Kenichi Imada: guitars, synth, tambourine / Uncle Kid: spoken word / Cotton: vocals 

Recorded and mixed by Kenichi Imada 

China Syndrome (5:00) By Sinzou Kantsu (Heart Piercing) 

Kidorine: Guitar, silent vocal / Zonguuldaak: bass / Uranus: guitar / Wolf (AMT): bass / Boil: drums  / Cotton: vocals Recorded and mixed by Wolf at Studio Staff Fukuoka 

Bill Turney: additional guitar 

Music by Joxfield Projex 

In A Darkness (3:00) By Shinowa 

Kaori Yamauchi: backing vocal / Gen-Yu Nou: bass  / Hajime Hirata: guitar, programming  / Backing vocal and instruments recorded and mixed by Shinowa / Cotton: vocals / Bill Turney: additional guitar 

The Reflection (5:02) By Mitsuru Tabata 

Mitsuru Tabata (Zeni Geva, 20 Guilders, RQRQ, ex-AMT): guitar, midi programming  / Cotton: vocals 

Instruments recorded by Mitsuru Tabata 

Thanks to Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, Makoto Kawabata, Studio Puzzle (Osaka JP), Mia Hanson, Stefan Ek & Joxfield Projex, John Bosque, Elane Pratt, Hunter & Sara, the family and friends… 

All music, lyrics, and vocals (except where written) by Cotton Casino 

Produced by C&B (Cotton Casino & Bill Turney) and JJ Arnould (Bam Balam Records) 

All vocals recorded by Bill Turney (except where noted) 

Mixed by Bill Turney 

Mastered by Mad Rabbit 

Cover painting by Hawk Alfredson 

Design by Craig Nicholson (Uncle Kid) 

Technical coordination by Pitshark 

Released on LP by Bam Balam Records (BBLP 072) in 2020.

Eve Vybe Records (USA) ev-084

Cassette Release, 2020

The Wire Tapper 38 / Various

Track 17 China Syndrome by Joxfield ProjeX & Cotton Casino 3:56 (From "Casino Royal" (Bam Balam))

Artwork(Cover Artwork) - Andreas Rasmussen

Complied By - Andy Tait, Katie Gibbons, Shane Woolman

Mastered By Toby Hrycek - Robinson

Relesed by Wire Magazine - Issue (UK) 378, CD Compliation, Jul 2015

The Wire Tapper 38 is given away with The Wire Issue 378 August 2015 (avaviable July 2015). Nor for sale separately.

Joxfield ProjeX & Cotton Casino / Casino Royal

1.Another Slow String Perhaps 13:10

2.One Trebor  02:13.

3.China Syndrome 05:18

4.Invisible Totem  03:07

5.Contribution 3 02:37

6.Submarine Trees (featuring Kawabata Makoto*) 04:18

7.Voyage Pour Deux  07:55

Available on bandcamp>>

Casino Royal unites the former Acid Mothers Temple member Cotton Casino with Joxfield ProjeX, a Swedish duo comprising schoolfriends Janne Yan Andersson and Stefan Oax Ek. Joxfield ProjeX refer to themselves as “a little dynamic duo producing avant-whatever music for nice open-minded people”. “China Syndrome” sets Cotton Casino’s dream pop vocals amid layers of guitar and synth that pull away from sleepy basslines. 

Cotton Casino - Vocals, composer of lyrics and sung melodies 

Janne Yan Andersson - Keyboards, synth, bass, programmed percussion, composer of music 

Sfefan Fax Ek - Guitar, ebow, glissando, percussion samples, composer of music 

*Kawabata Makoto - Bowed guitar 

Hawk Alfredson - Cover art painting 

Sounds & Visions by Joxfield ProjeX 

Mastered by Marco Paschke at Charrette - Ateller du Son, Uses, France 

Powered by Tin Can Music 2014 

Bam Balam Records thanks PITSHARK released February 1, 2015 

Bam Balam Records (France)BBLP026

Released Feb 1, 2015

Cotton Casino / 100% Pure Cotton

Side A : Fly High

Side B: Open the Shine

Performed, Written, Recorded By Cotton Casino

Mastered By Keizo Suhara

Art work by Pete Fowler

Riot Season (UK) REPOSE701

2003 7 Inch EP Release

Cotton Casino / We Love Cotton

1.Sunflower 04:52

2.Place 05:26

3.Sky 04:58

4.Fly high 04:34

5.Melt down 06:22

6.Road 06:19

7.Silence 04:42

8.Blue 03:22

9. Koi 03:42

10. You're my boy 02:51

Available on bandcamp>>

Released by sillyboy records (Italy) SB-006,Jan 2003. 

Cotton Casino (vocals, synths etc). 

All songs written and performed by Cotton Casino 

Recorded at Osaka, Japan, April - June 2003

Artwork by Barbara Carabotta and Marco Fasolo.

Cotton Engels Heaven / Cotton Casino

Available on bandcamp>>

Non Stop Cosmic Synthesizers & Voices

Cosmic Star Child CSC-003, Osaka

Limited 100 Copies CD-R / July, 2003

Cotton SS mode N / Cotton Casino

Available on bandcamp>>

Non Stop Cosmic Synthesizers & Voices

Cosmic Star Child CSC-002, Osaka

Limited 100 Copies CD-R / June, 2003

Cotton Super Casino / Cotton Casino

Available on bandcamp>>

Non Stop Cosmic Synthesizers & Voices

Cosmic Star Child CSC-001, Osaka

Limited 100 Copies  CD-R / April, 2003